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Welcome to Elemecs Charitable Trust

Elemecs Charitable Trust

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Elemec’s Charitable Trust was established in 2007 in Kerala, India. The Elemec’s Charitable Trust is committed to supporting local communities and disadvantaged people, particularly in and around Kayamkulam, Kerala where Elemec Group of Companies has a significant presence. We fund projects based on the following three priorities: • Education and training • Financial Aid for the needy • Community regeneration Each year we invite applications and all proposals are reviewed carefully by the Trustees. If the request falls within the framework of the Trust’s priorities, more detailed information may be requested and a site visit initiated by Trust staff. Final decisions about qualified proposals and all grant terms are made by the Trustees. Since its inception, Elemec’s Charitable Trust has been involved in various charitable activities and events within Kerala aimed at the welfare of the people. In September 2007, the Trust aided in the marriage of 15 impoverished couples by providing them Rupees One Lakh each and arranging the venue and means for the marriage to be conducted according to their respective social and cultural norms. Since November 2008, the Trust has been providing educational funding for 15 elite impoverished students, coming from all parts of Kerala and from various educational backgrounds (Medical,Engineering, Arts etc.), to pursue their educational goals. Almost all of the beneficiaries are reporting long term impacts that are significant or exceptional to their lives, which demonstrate that the charities being provided by Elemec’s Charitable Trust are very successful in maximising the social return on the investment. What we have also learned from this feedback is that it only takes small gestures to make a big difference.


Name : Elemecs Charitable Trust

Address : P.O.Box 14, Link Road, Kayamkulam

Telephone : +91 479 2448881

Telefax : + 91 479 2446966

E-Mail : elemecs@elemecsindia.com

Website : www.elemecsindia.com

Chairman/Managing Director : Mr. K.D. Gopalakrishnan

Secretary : Mrs. Thulasi Gopalakrishnan

Directors : Dr. Hareesh Krishna, Dr. Soney Krishna, Dr. Ramaswamy, Dr. Biji Ramaswamy, Mrs. Manju Hareesh & Mrs. Sangeetha Soney

Banker : Indian Overseas Bank, Kayamkulam, Kerala, A/C No.17212

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